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Seasons Within


                       Thrill your inner child and your dreamy adult

Amazon Customer

Awesome book! can't wait to read the whole saga. The story is unlike anything we are accustomed to and each of the characters is amazingly developed, highly recommended =)


                       Enjoyed so much

Amazon Customer

Enjoyed so much!!! Gave it to my twelve year old granddaughter!!! Her friends have gotten hucked. Can't wait for more!!


                       Swept me away with the magical world of Terra

Natasha Anne 

So many feelings.
So many thoughts.
So little words.

I couldn't even begin to describe the mind-blowing epicness of this book because it literally gave me a book hangover.

I've been reading too many contemporary romance novels and been craving for a fantasy fix instead, and this book was like a god-given gift who came knocking on my kindle's door with its impeccable timing. After reading the blurb and peeking at the cover, I fell in love almost instantly and knew I had to request it right away. Boy, was that the best decision I ever made!

Swept away by the world of Terra and Nádúr Noc, the author created a world so intriguing it was impossible not to love. Although the theme of the book was rather common in the fictional world, it was the author's ability to introduce original ideas into the story that made the reading worthwhile. Filled with action, mystery, witty banter and heated attraction, it has everything that promises a great read! I also liked that the world of Terra created a feeling of nostalgia, being whisked into a world where magical powers and monsters exist reminded me of my Harry Potter days and I can't help but love it even more.

And do not even get me started on how much I L.O.V.E. the characters. We have such a fantastic line-up of characters, each with their own distinctive personalities that there wasn't a boring moment! The author never neglected the secondary characters as they were as present as the mains! I liked the diversity especially when it comes to Priyam, an Indian who happens to be G's best friend. She's funny as hell and extremely supportive when it comes to G, she definitely rocked her human role in the world of scary monsters and dangerous dark lord. Growing up watching Avatar, it's also particularly exciting when I come across stories with nature's elements, and to have it represented by humans just made it even more thrilling!

I got to say I'm always attracted to Fire - cue alpha male Edan - which brings me to the romance aspect of the story. The sizzling attraction between Edan and G had me rooting for them from the start to the point where they are able to initiate a hormonal teenage shriek from me definitely proved something - I thought I outgrew the YA genre. However, I was extremely appreciative of the fact that the romance was not too overdone and the major focus of the story still lies in developing the plot. Furthermore, the underlying message of the story was significant and great - love thy Earth. It's beautiful to see how a person translates this message into her writing by weaving a story all about nature's beauty and destruction. An eye-opener indefinitely!

Despite having a few grammatical and spelling errors, I'm looking forward (more like pacing a hole in my room) to the second book of the series. I might be new to the author's works, but she just completely made my January!


                       Definitely one of the new series to watch out for


Amazing cover! The story is as beautiful as the cover. I read this in December last year. That explains the Christmas balls in the picture.

Anyway, this is a story of a redhead girl who has no idea of her past until her 18th birthday. An orphan who found out that she is not that alone in the world. Aside from being clumsy, she actually possessed powers that are beyond her imagination and beyond this world.

G. She reminds me of Agent G. Callen of NCIS Los Angeles. Like Callen, G doesn't even know her full first name. Just G and she is also an orphan. Callen and G both have amazing abilities but G only found out about them when she was about to turn 18. G will have to master her powers in order to save her world, the place where she came from.

This book has a mix of fantasy, fairytale, and mythology which made the book very interesting. The characters are also a mix of races which appeal to a universal audience. This is one of the aspects that I like about the book. The mix of personalities made a very good combination and added more curiosity to the story. Not to mention, the two main characters in the story G and Edan whose hot and cold relationship is very cute and irritating at the same time. These two definitely have a connection, whether in the past or in the present, but they kept denying and shoving it out of the way. I can't wait to finally have them together and own up to their feelings.

Another interesting character in the story is G's best friend, Priyam. Her bubbly and spicy character added more color to the story. When everything gets too serious, count on Priyam to make light of it or even turn it into a funny situation by her sarcasm. Her hacking skills are also very handy.

G has doubtlessly had a lot of learning to do in order to fulfill her destiny. Along with that, she has to come to terms with her sad past and accept the heavy burden that is entrusted upon her clumsy shoulders. Will she and her new friends succeed? Guess, we will find out in the next book. I am pretty sure this series will be a hit. G has a long way to go. She hasn't even completed her training yet. I am definitely looking forward to the next story.

I give the book 5/5 necklaces with a letter G pendant. I think this is one of the new series to watch out for. I can't wait for the next book. Oh yes, I said that already. I really enjoyed reading this book. My favorite parts were the conversations of Edan and G which always turn into arguments but at the back of their minds, they wanted it to be the opposite. Priyam's lines were also very hilarious. Her responses were always witty and alluded to movies, tv series, and other things of pop-culture. This is a very good start for an engrossing series.

Greed is the most dangerous thing. It confuses people into claiming things that weren't theirs to own in the first place.
- Lele Iturrioz, Seasons Within -


                       After I finished it I gave it to my sister and she loved it as well


The cover was the thing that attracted me to the book, once I opened it up I couldn't put it down! After I finished it I gave it to my sister and she loved it as well! I'm going to have to buy another copy because my sister won't give it back now!


                       What a hangover!


Ok so as you probably already read , this story is about G. She has no idea who she is except for the terrible nightmares. We later find out it is terra and how beautiful the the whole world was. This story has a great underlying tone of how we should take care of our planet. I love the characters, the storyline was amazing and details beyond belief. I truly felt I was part of that world. I loved g's bff she was hilarious. I can't wait for the next story in the series.



                       Gripping story

Angelique Burns

Let me start by saying HOLY WOW!!

I had the oppprtunity to review this thru Xpresso Book Tours. I was lucky enough to read both one and two consecutively. because after one you need two!

This book has fantasy and magic and excitement. Its an epic adventure that makes you want more and makes you really want to be part of the gang.

The characters are so well written you feel for them ,you know them and you root for them. Every page you turn takes you further into Lele's world. But heres your warning you will NOT want to leave this world. And you WILL have the book hangover that is only releived by the next installment.

Initially I was skeptical worried about the same ole same ole but, as I am learning in my reviews of many books lately...take a chance there are gems out there that will knock you of your game. This is very much one of them. I've added this author to my follow list, there is mega talent in this one!


                       Spring will bring you to a whole new world

Eva Martín

Seasons within is one of the best sagas I've ever read.
Every time I finish each, I wish I had in my hands the next one.
Spring is exciting and mesmerizing, you'll get hook up immediately.
This time Gaia knows how having a family feels like. She starts to meet the group better, even love them.
The relationship between her and Edan Is blooming finally.
Gaia discovers new powers and wills inside her, and a brand new element during their journey, all to protect the only family she has.
Everything is going perfect, but "Him" and the bad guys won't let that happen for so long.

I can assure you that you'll cry at the end. Lele is evil!!!! Hahahaha, love it...



Brianda Mercer

Jeez!!! Where to begin? 
I looooooved the first instalment, so I had very high hopes for the second one... And it TOTALLY delivered.
Plot, descriptions, characters, pace. All of it! It was like reading something out of Sense8, but for YA, and I sooo wanna be part of their cluster (in this case, part of the Six).
You can tell by the very beginning how much the author has grown, and her story with her.
I laughed, yelled, swooned, cried. All of it in the spam of a few chapters. 
Cant wait for "Summer"!!!!

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